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Welcome to Nanotech Industries, Inc.

  • Nanotech Industries, Inc. (NTI) is a “green” technology holding company focusing on the commercialization of market-ready technologies with an emphasis on nanotech developed in Israel, which provide cutting edge environmental engineering solutions of advanced and novel materials for markets throughout the world.
  • In addition to a pipeline of market-ready nanotechnologies, NTI's priority technology currently being sold on the market is a patented Green Polyurethane™ - the first hybrid polyurethane developed without the use of toxic isocyanates throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Green Polyurethane™ can be used in multipile PU applications including: composites, such as NTI's "Zero BPA/F Urethane-Epoxy" electrical potting compounds, coatings, foam and adhesives. All of the company’s products are based on its Urethane-Amines -- patented hardeners that have urethane groups within the chemical structure of the hardener, but do not use isocyanates.