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Company History

Nanotech Industries, Inc. (NTI) was established in January 2008 with the mission of creating a U.S. based corporate vehicle to carry out the global commercialization of market-ready “nano” and “green” technologies. NTI's focus is primarily in the field of material sciences engineering, developed through or in affiliation with NTI’s partner, Polymate, Ltd., d/b/a International Nanotech Research Center (“INRC” or Polymate Ltd.-INRC”). The principals involved in the formation of NTI have been cooperating in this field for 15 years. This cooperation has resulted in the development of a significant number of commercial, market ready technologies.


NTI’s first priority has been to turn a patented breakthrough invention of Green Polyurethane™ non-isocyanate polyurethane into the sale of multiple product lines and to seek out beneficial partnerships and licensing agreements to market these products.


NTI has now developed, together with its partner, Polymate Ltd,-INRC, multiple new patented methods, processes and formulations for making Green Polyurethane™ in order to address continuous market demands for new applications. These developments also include nano-based methodologies. Each new formulation developed by the Polymate Ltd.-INRC is generated from customer specific orders and is the sole intellectual property of NTI.