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Green Polyurethane™

Green Polyurethane™ Is The First Hybrid Polyurethane Manufactured Without Toxic Isocyanates


NTI has developed Green Polyurethane™ - an epoxy-urethane technology that allows epoxides to be cured with urethane-amine catalysts and developed into many applications from coatings, composites and compounds to foam and adhesives. All of the company’s catalysts are based on its Urethane-Amines -- patented hardeners that have urethane groups within the chemical structure of the hardener, but do not use isocyanates.


Green Polyurethane™ is a potential replacement for current polyurethanes that use isocyanates in their production, especially those that leave post-reaction free isocyanates in aerosolized forms. Green Polyurethane's™ unique formulation combines the best mechanical properties of polyurethane and chemical resistance properties of epoxy.

Isocyanates are hazardous and considered a potential human carcinogen. Exposure to isocyanates is known to cause irritation of skin and mucous membranes, chest tightness, difficult breathing and prolonged exposure has been known to cause severe asthma and even death.

The manufacture and usage of isocyanates-based PU require very strict health and safety measures and special procedures for the preparation of fillers since isocyanates are very sensitive to moisture. Both of these issues lead to a highly regulated and costly working environment. On the other hand, it is not necessary to address these issues with Green Polyurethane™ since no isocyanates are used at any stage of its production.

In addition to its safety and health benefits, Green Polyurethane™ has many other advantages compared to conventional PU. For example Green Polyurethane™ used in protectived coatings are zero VOC, solventless, 100%, and have tested to be 30-50% more resistant to chemical degradation, 10-30% more adhesive (depending on substrate), 20% more wear resistant, and can be applied on wet substrates and cure in cold conditions. Green Polyurethane™ used in foam applications can provide energy savings of more than 30%, has one of the highest R-values/inch of all insulation materials (6.0-6.5/inch), doesn't need a primer and has greater adhesiveness.

Green Polyurethane™ Uramines have been exclusively licensed out to Green Chemstry Innovations and have been developed into commercially available coatings and potting compounds, which are currently being sold world-wide.


NTI's Green Polyurethane™ provides a unique chemical platform for the next generation of environmentally safe polyurethane with improved properties and the potential to raise the entire polyurethane industry to a higher level of safety and quality.