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Polymate Ltd. - INRC

The Polymate - International Nanotechnology Research Center (Polymate Ltd. - INRC) is a technology and design company owned by NTI, which specializes in providing mostly applied but also to a certain extent theoretical research and development in diverse fields, including materials, chemical and environmental engineering, with a focus on the development, marketing, patent search and patenting, commercialization and manufacturing of advanced and novel materials.


Ownership of Polymate Ltd. - INRC is intended to provide NTI with all of the scientific, technical, engineering, and evaluation expertise to conduct its business in the development and commercialization of both presently owned and future acquired technologies. NTI operates on the basis of multi-sided partnerships in Israel and around the world, primarily in Europe and the USA.


The Polymate Ltd. - INRC is located at the R&D park at Migdal Haemek, North of Haifa and is fully equipped with modern research, testing and technological equipment. The Polymate Ltd. - INRC has a unique and well developed and tested organization for search, evaluation and acquisition of newly developed, but not yet commercialized technologies primarily from Israel and employs leading scientists in their respective areas.


Polymate Ltd. - INRC maintains relationships with agencies of and is a consultant to the European Union to screen technologies. Polymate Ltd. - INRC also publishes an Israeli magazine – “Scientific Israel – Technological Advantages” – with an aim to search for technologies and scientific partnerships.


Polymate Ltd. - INRC also maintains relationships with scientists, technology companies and government officials and departments in Israel to support identification of viable technology companies suitable for acquisition by NTI .