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Advanced Liquid Nano-Elastomer Composition (ALNEC)

ALNEC is a proprietary polybutadiene based nano-matrix that creates polymer binder with high properties for the use in a wide range of the challenging operating conditions environment

Comes in two ready for use forms in:

  • Nano-Polymer concrete (ALNEC-PC)
  • Nano-Liquid resin coating (ALNEC-LRC)

ALNEC-PC is an advanced nano-polymer concrete that uses a modified polymer from the liquid rubber family as a binding material for the various aggregates.

ALNEC-PC contains no Portland nor any other mineral based cement as a binder and should not be compared to the commonly used concrete as a building material.


The main advantages of ALNEC-PC in comparison to the other Polymer concretes are:

  • Cost - up to 50% savings
  • Superior properties
  • resistance to wider range of aggressive media
  • Remarkable compression, bending and tensile strength, lower creep
  • High heat stability
  • High specific toughness, wear resistance