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GreenCoat Applications

The number of potential applications for GreenCoat is immense. GreenCoat can be applied on almost any cellulose based sheets and fibers. Moreover, GreenCoat can be used as a sizing, binder or water-resistant agent. It is suitable for use in manufacturing a wide range of products including consumer and industrial waste bags, boxes, containers, disposable plates and cups, food packaging and sanitary products. It can also be used in agricultural composting bags, cover sheets, flowerpots, seeding trays, etc. An extensive list of applications includes the following:

  • Everyday Items: Trash bags, grocery bags, cups, plates, tablecloths and other household goods, etc.
  • Packaging Materials: Paper boxes and other types of packaging, bags, cardboard boxes and containers for industrial products, building materials and chemicals, etc.
  • Agricultural Use: Composting bags for agricultural wastes, bags for fertilizers, mulch sheets, flowerpots, seeding planter trays, etc.
  • Textile and Polymer Industry: Hydrophobizing of natural textile materials, production of synthetic leather, etc.
  • Other Applications: Water and grease resistant paperboard, filler binding, paper sizing, printing compositions, etc.