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GreenCoat is Now FDA Approved For All Its Components

"SUPPLY UPDATE"- GreenCoat is currently not available. Please check back with us in May of 2019 for available stock.

NTI has acquired GreenCoat – a new environmentally friendly hydrophobic polymer composition nano-composite material. Developed by Polymate Ltd.-INRC, GreenCoat is oil, fat, and gasoline resistant, strong, low cost, recyclable, biodegradable and has shown great promise in dramatically improving the properties of paper and board packaging materials. Due to its biodegradable nature, GreenCoat is ideal for companies seeking environmentally friendly packaging solutions as well as a wide array of other applications for industrial, agricultural and consumer products.

greencoat diagram

Whereas most companies have emphasized the use of plastic films to improve the properties and biodegradability of packaging, GreenCoat has approached this challenge from the opposite direction. GreenCoat focuses on improving the low barrier properties of cellulose-based materials by coating them with a special polymer composition. Moreover, any cellulose material coated with GreenCoat is recyclable and biodegradable – just like any ordinary paper or cardboard. GreenCoat can also be included into pulp composition.

GreenCoat Advantages Include:

  • High Strength –GreenCoatcoated cellulose substrate has tensile strength of 40-60 MPa. Such strength characteristics, especially combined with low elongation and acquired water resistance make GreenCoat unique and highly desirable for packaging applications.
  • Water Resistant –GreenCoat provides good water resistance to basic cellulose material. Most existing biodegradable packaging is not hydrophobic and fails in wet conditions.
  • Grease and Oil Resistant –GreenCoatis stable against greases, oils and non-polar organic solvents. Common paper and cardboard packaging is grease and oil penetrable.
  • Recyclable – Cellulose substrate coated with GreenCoat can be recycled and repulped into many basic materials - cellulose, paper, board etc. NTI also has a new recycling technology, which produces a micro-fiber that can be used as a component of new packaging.
  • Biodegradable – Natural microorganisms begin breaking down GreenCoat and GreenCoat coated cellulose substrates in the presence of water. Microorganisms decompose these materials and then the material is converted into carbon dioxide, water and biomass while composting in wet soil. This process completely coincides with the definition of biodegradability given by most experts ("Biodegradable Plastics - 99" Conference. Frankfurt-Main, Germany, Apr. 1999). When applied to composting conditions, a cellulose base coated with GreenCoat will take only slightly longer to decompose than the cellulose base.
  • Low Cost – Paper or cardboard coated with GreenCoat is only insignificantly more expensive to produce than paper or cardboard itself. Currently available degradable materials on the other hand can cost twice as much.
  • Harmless – GreenCoat does not contain any harmful components. It is environmentally friendly and FDA -approved.
  • Food Packaging

To download a GreenCoat Onesheet Summary click here