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Nanostructured Nonisocyanate Polyurethanes

NTI’s  new Nano-structured NIPU based coatings have the following advantages compared to ordinary coatings:

  1. Higher thermostability
  2. Higher UV resistance
  3. Higher hydrolytic stability
  4. These nano advantages outweigh the possible cost increase of less than 15%

Description Approach To Creating NanoNIPU:

NTI uses two methods for nanostructuring NIPU:

  • Creating an interpenetrated network with at least two types of NIPU in one material with different structures that creates nanozones with different network structures.
  • Using primary amine oligomeric hardeners with silicate, titanate and other components that create oxide nanoparticles at the technological stage. New components are then synthesized through the polycondensation of organic ester of SiO2, TiO2 etc. with different amine and epoxy-terminated silanes.