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Nano-Structured Liquid Polymers (NSLP)

NSLP is a nano-network in epoxy and nonisocyanate polyurethane resins developed through the introduction of nano-fillers in a liquid state. This process alters and significantly improves polymer properties that could not otherwise be achieved. NSLP creates nano-structures within composites, achieving unique properties that can also be extended to other polymers.

Advantages of NSLP

  • Higher adhesive and mechanical properties
  • Increased thermo-stability
  • Higher weather and UV-stability
  • Extended shelf life
  • Elimination of the volatiles - maintaining relatively low cost
  • Elimination of the risks of working with nano-fillers
  • Can be widely applied to practically all epoxy compositions
  • The manufacturing technology of NSLP is based on inexpensive commonly used raw materials