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Darin Nellis, MBA, Director of Sales & Marketing

Darin Nellis, MBAMr. Nellis has twenty years of experience working in business management and community/public relations for private, public and non-profit organizations in Africa and the US. His expertise includes strategic planning, marketing, public relations and cross-cultural education. Private sector positions include Director of Marketing, Director of Corporate Planning and consultant in the areas of marketing, sales, operations, public relations and finance for several environmental high tech firms including the Eurasian power quality equipment distribution company, Power Quality Holdings and Hybrid Coating Technologies. Non-profit and public positions have included Community Development Officer at The United Way of Greater LA, Loyola Marymount Peace Corps Fellow, Community Development Agent for the U.S. Peace Corps in Mauritania West Africa and Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator for the American Oceans Campaign. Mr. Nellis received his BA from UCLA in International Relations and his MBA in International Business from Loyola Marymount University.