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Joseph Kristul, President & CEO

Joseph KristulMr. Kristul has many years of experience in international financing with an emphasis on marketing and sales. He is the former Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Transnational Financial Network. At Transnational Mr. Kristul was responsible for overall company management directly overseeing secondary marketing, finance, corporate marketing, investor relations and strategic corporate planning. In 1995 Mr. Kristul created Transnational's wholesale division, where he developed the company's base of loan brokers and implemented systems and controls to manage the quality of loan products delivered to brokers. In 1999 he took the company public. At its peak, Transnational had annual revenues approaching $20 million and an employee count of just under 100. Mr. Kristul is one of the founders and principal financial backers of Nanotech Industries, Inc

Joseph Kristul graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics from the Odessa Physics and Technology University, in Odessa, Russia.