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NTI's portfolio of pipeline technologies includes the latest scientific advancement in metal nanocomposite material developed for cutting tools. Novel, super deep penetration (SDP) technology developed by Dr. S. Usherenko provides a process for obtaining commercial-ready nanocomposite metal material manufactured through the use of high energy impulse processing, which deposits dust-like substrate material wthin high speed steel.

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  • Longer cutter/bit life – operation/ maintenance savings
  • Non-cancerous as to compare to WC/Co alloys
  • Significant reduction of the fire / explosion hazard due to the "cold" sparkling.
  • Up to 30% operational energy savings
  • Self- sharpening effect greater efficiency
  • Increased life of the mining equipment -up to 5 times
  • No catastrophic failure - elimination of the dynamic impact on machine
  • Significant defense industry applicaitons